Underwrite Denver Open Media/Open Media Foundation all year round

Standard Underwriting provides you with exposure on Denver Open Media’s three Comcast cable channels – 56, 57 & 881, CenturyLink Channels: SD - 8008, 8009, 8010; HD 8508, 8509, 8510 and on Radio 104.7LPFM. Your business/organization’s logo and text will be displayed full screen before the programming theme block of your choice.

Premium Underwriting allows you to have a custom, professional thirty-second video produced by Open Media Foundation, and shown on Denver Open Media before the programming theme block of your choice. Cost includes production services from Open Media Foundation; Denver’s premiere video production company.

The Reach of Your Audience

Democracy Now! and Free Speech TV are two television programs aired on our public access stations.  Both programs have a national following, giving your underwriting ads a larger audience.

Programming Theme Blocks on Denver Open Media

As a block underwriter for DOM, your organization will enjoy the benefit of targeted exposure, as well as the satisfaction of supporting the vital community resource of local, independent, free speech on TV.  Our television programming is broken down into 10 different theme blocks, which represent a variety of content and perspectives.  As a block underwriter for DOM, you will be able to select one or more of these blocks to support.

  • Academic, Info: Conferences, sciences, education, training, debate, lectures, and any other academic or educational programming.
  • Arts & Film: Programming about the arts, visual and interpretive or performances, this category also includes, film, narrative, documentary, animation or video art.
  • Community Issues and Advocacy: Programs that focus on information about issues, events, people, and public advocacy that shape our community.
  • Cultural Perspectives: Programming that explores and highlights the diversity in our community.
  • Faith-Based: Programming for and about spiritual communities and beliefs.
  • GLBTQ: Programming for, by and about the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning community.
  • Music & Entertainment: Programming includes live musical performances, music videos, dance, comedy, drama, variety shows, and interviews about the people who entertain us.
  • News, Business, and Government: Coverage of, or programs about local and national news, politics, and current events.
  • Well-Being/Lifestyle: Programming about cooking, health, self-improvement, the meta-physical, new age, hobbies, sports, and life choices.
  • Youth: Programming made for youth by youth.

To download an underwriting kit, click here.

More about underwriting will be posted soon!
For more information, contact our Development Director at 720-222-0159 x202 or email development@openmediafoundation.org