Elementary Literacy Design Collaborative
Colorado Education Initiative
Work Detail:

What does Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) look like in action? Watch fourth-grade students and teachers run through a module — and see kids who are interested and engaged in reading and writing.

“The thing that I’m most excited about with this module is that all of my kids felt successful. I had no reluctant writers. There was no one that didn’t know how to go through the writing process,” said Linda Crocker, fourth-grade teacher, Ponderosa Elementary School, Loveland, Colorado.

LDC helps K-12 teachers improve how all students read, write, and communicate.

“We’ve made learning fun,” said Kandi Smith, principal, Ponderosa Elementary School. “When you take a group of teachers that are so motived to look at instructional design and improve their own practice, as a principal it’s so easy to support that work because they’re excited about what they’re seeing in their classrooms.”