Having served over 100 non-profit clients in the past ten years, Open Media Foundation understands the absolute importance of donor and client database management. We now offer integration services and user trainings on Salesforce, the leading cloud-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform (plus, there are no licensing costs for nonprofits).

Salesforce is an invaluable tool for non-profits and government entities looking to cultivate donors, strengthen grant applications, and establish a culture of knowledge-sharing. Our team looks forward to creating a implementation plan that fits the unique needs of your organization. Please contact for more information and estimates. 

Our work with past clients has included:

  • Data migration from their websites and previous data management platforms
  • Development of website-specific applications for website-Salesforce integration
  • Automation of email communications with potential donors and members
  • Configuration of users, permissions, and custom reports and analytics.
  • Creation of custom Objects for tracking unique data categories (for example, Class Registrations, Product Sales, Member Projects, or Sponsorships).
  • Training staff members on the “Best Practices” of Salesforce Administrators