We are experts in nonprofit identity, branding, and re-branding. In addition to our video and web services, we bring skilled creatives who can guide your team through a thorough and comprehensive re-branding process including logos, print, web, multimedia and social media design and strategy. We've helped dozens of nonprofits realize that good design and identity can do your work for you, building a foundation of trust and familiarity before you ever set foot in the door.

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The Frontier, openness, the west, community. These core ideals are fundamental to the mission of Muslims in the Mountain West (MMW). Believing that Muslims in the area are the ultimate invisible minorities, the MMW project is about giving them a space to describe their own experience of living in this region.

The Colorado Participation Project (CPP) provides voter information and civic participation resources to nonprofits who serve politically marginalized communities. CPP came to OMF looking for a logo and website to reflect the organization’s personality and mission.

The OMF Team was excited to return to the Consortium’s website, having designed their original website many years ago. With mobile optimization becoming a critical element of online presence, it was time for a refresh. Overwhelmingly, mobile devices are used for internet browsing even at homes and workplaces, where desktops are likely available.

Thrive Center came to Open Media Foundation looking for a logo to drive their rebranding process (formerly Denver Metro Parent Resource Center).

Accessibility and opportunity are the foundation of the Creating Transitions (CT) program. By providing highly custom and individualized programs, CT teaches valuable life and social skills to young adults with mild to moderate developmental and intellectual disabilities to help them transition into adult life.

Socially Responsible Investment Strategies logo design & print collateral.

The Colorado Virtual Library (CVL) is an online project managed by the Colorado State Library, an agency committed to supporting the work of libraries throughout the state of Colorado and to delivering information services to the broader public.

Beginning on January 21, 2008 the Colorado State House of Representatives' audience got a little larger. Digital Comcast subscribers can now tune into channel 165 weekday mornings (when the legislative body is in session) for live coverage from the House & Senate chambers.

CPC focuses in four program areas statewide: Racial Justice, Health Justice, Economic Justice, and Civic Engagement. With offices in Greeley, Pueblo, and Denver, they help build a stronger progressive movement in Colorado. Their mission is to ensure that our political and economic democracy works for everyone -- not just the wealthy or well-connected.

Business Health Forum needed a logo to represent both business and health care. Meaningful health care change will result when employers voice their opinions and are fully engaged in reforming the health care system. Creating a sustainable health care system will positively impact businesses and the community at large.

Coaching, Home Staging and Interior redesign Services