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The work you do is critical and passionate. Your organization isn’t in it to make money, but real change. OMF gets nonprofits. With a decade of building websites and applications, OMF knows how to help connect you with your audience. Let us tell your story and fill the gaps in your digital ecosystem. We handle everything from ideation to buildout and hosting.

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User Centered Design

Your stakeholders are your most important asset. By starting with your audience as the foundation of your project, OMF makes sure the final outcome hits the target. We begin with interviews and observations. Then we brainstorm with your stakeholders or your staff in focus groups. Finally, we prototype and blueprint, creating a plan of action.

OMF customizes every user-centered design/ux process for the client and project. It can be a stand-alone process that produces great collateral and proof of concept or the first step in a technical buildout.

Visual Design, Logos and Print

Capturing the attention of your audience and leaving them with a lasting impression is critical for your organization. OMF provides websites, print, HTML email and logo designs that will convey the mission and vision of your organization while staying relevant to you and your target audience. We can also help you craft intuitive and engaging user-interfaces for mobile and desktop applications that will help provide the best possible user experience for your target audience.


Your website should never be the barrier between your stakeholders and your mission. OMF emphasize ease of management and sustainability. We leverage the powerful communities behind Wordpress and Drupal to keep costs down and provide a strong foundation. Website services range from completely custom look and feel to more economical premium theme based-builds. Our projects range in size from single page to enterprise.


If you have an idea, a problem or just an inefficient process, a web application can help. OMF has built applications big and small to help nonprofits and governments target work and fill gaps in their technical palette. Our goal with every application is to build a system that can scale, handle large amounts of traffic, and is easy to use for both your team and the end-users. It is critical that things are thought-out and built right the first time. To achieve this, our entire team will be engaged with your project on a regular basis. We will hold strategic meetings and challenge you on your ideas to ensure that what’s proposed will work now and into the future.

Our Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Grants

As a nonprofit ourselves, OMF’s rates are generally far below market to begin with, but our dollar-for-dollar match helps to ensure that professional, high-quality web and video production services are within reach for any nonprofit. Matching grants for web clients require no application process as long as you are a qualifying 501(c)3, government entity or work in the public sector.

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