Denver Open Media

Denver Open Media is a unique, user-driven Radio station on 92.9FM/89.3 HD3 KUVO,

Our Radio shedule is divided into categories or theme blocks which range from "Educational&STEM" to "HipHop/Rap" or "Poetry, Comedy and Avant-Garde".

We are a collaborative effort between Denver Open Media and the Denhac hackerspace. Our programming is 100% Denver local. That means the bands, live concerts, podcasters, news reports, talk radio, and spoken word performances that you hear on 89.3 HD3/92.9FM were all created by local Denver producers. 

Unlike other stations however, community producers and viewers help determine the programming schedule. Every show or piece of music submitted is guaranteed to air once, and our system increasingly allows producers to determine the timing of that initial broadcast (well, cablecast actually). Additionally, viewers vote or rate the shows via the website. These votes drive a smart scheduling algorithm that translates the votes, together with other community-determined factors, into a broadcast schedule. Thus, we have zero staff devoted to scheduling the Radio station. Over 250 community producers are leveraged into a self-managed marketing/PR street-team, telling their friends and family to log-in and vote. For information about DOM Radio, click here.

Equipment Rentals

Denver Open Media also provides equipment rentals at commercial and non-commercial rates:

  • Commercial rentals: Our commercial rentals are offered at competitive market rates, and are an option for renters who are looking to use equipment for commercial purposes (ex: paying crew, generating revenue, etc.).  To view our commercial rental policies, please click here.  For information how to book a commercial rentals or any current packages, please click here.
  • Non-commercial/member rentals: We offer affordable equipment memberships to producers who submit non-commercial content.  Please find more information about that here

Bringing Media to the Masses
That's Denver Open Media

Denver Open Media (DOM) is the culmination of the Open Media Foundation's innovative vision to put the power of the media into the hands of the community. Designed to ensure all communities have the media and technology resources they need to engage in local and global communications, DOM offers cutting-edge video equipment, as well as audio and video distribution via the Internet and our radio station. DOM is not an independent entity, but a project supported by the Open Media Foundation, managed by the community. The Open Media Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to putting the power of media and technology into the hands of the people. In 2006, OMF modified its Board of Directors to permanently include two DOM member representatives.

We're Fighting for the Social Good, Democratizing Access to Media

Watch the Livestream
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We don't just empower content creation, Denver Open Media is also a hub for its distribution. The community can use our all-local radio station and our video live stream (available anywhere on Earth) to distribute their content.



Our studios are located at 700 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204

Public transportation:

RTD Busline: Route 1 to 7th and Santa Fe
Lightrail: C,D,E,F, or H to 10th and Osage

Hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday: 12pm-7pm

The Team

Denver Open Media is a constituent-led community media organization where the producer-members and viewers have as much ownership over the operation as anyone. Thus, DOM has no "staff," but is a project, facilitated by the staff of a separate nonprofit organization, the Open Media Foundation.

That said, these are the faces to know if you need any help or answers to any questions.

Jameson Courville - Station Director

"The Purpose of My Life is to use my adventurousness, creativity, dedication, and empathy to empower those who lack the means to tell their stories


Creating Media
Laughing with Others
And Globetrotting

To Create a World in which everyone receives equitable opportunities to succeed; where open and compassionate minds resolve differences; and where our stories bind us to one another."

Jameson graduated from Colorado Film School and Cornell College with degrees in Screenwriting and Creative Writing and has experience in television and film production. He is an avid traveler and has driven to Alaska from Colorado, toured the European continent, and personally visited Yellowstone National Park at least 27 times over the last ten years.


Leslie Welch - Community Media Coordinator

"The Purpose of My Life is to use my curiosity, drive, passion, and resilience


  • Getting to the heart of an issue
  • Analyzing systems
  • Taking the time to listen
  • Being open to new people, cultures, and experiences

To create a world in which people have the ability to better understand the world. A place where people would be able to access knowledge and resources, regardless of societal barriers."

Leslie graduated with a BA in Arts & Humanities from the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University, as well as a degree in public policy (Go Green!). Leslie’s experience is at the intersection of civic engagement, social justice, public policy, and media/technology. At OMF, she hopes to bring technology to the people, particularly to those who don’t normally have access.  She can usually be found with a coffee tumbler in hand.


Joslyn Dorrelle - AmeriCorps VISTA

"The purpose of my life is to gain a wealth of knowledge and use wisdom acquired over time to empower and educate people around the globe.


Sharing stories through various media
Fostering meaningful relationships with communities outside my local and personal sphere
Enjoying every moment

To create a world where understanding is achieved, the community is appreciated, and accountability means something to everyone."

Joslyn graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and is currently pursuing Masters in Nonprofit Management from Johnson & Wales University. Though Joslyn is a Denver native, she has produced content for Greeley Unexpected, WDIV News 4 Detroit, WCOV FOX 20 Montgomery, Alabama Public Television, among others. Joslyn hopes to help build capacity for the voiceless in low income and minority communities by equipping them with the essential tools needed to obtain journalism careers in large markets.

Jesse Lockwood - Member Support

"The purpose of my life is to expand my sense of joy and expression of unconditional love in all activities.


Showing compassion with patience and humility
Seeking opportunities to learn
Maintaining my personal well being
Accepting apparent reality without expectation

To create a world in which all people are free to have their own experience and expression while respecting the wellbeing of others."


Jesse has had a very diverse set of career experiences, including being a Christian Minister, Construction Worker, Loan Officer, Big Rig Salesman, and Cannabis Cultivator. All while developing an array of Artistic and Musical skills. After several years of homelessness and soul searching, he turned his attention to learning filmmaking where he continues to focus to this day. Jesse is happy to be of service to an organization that is empowering the expression of the common person.

It's Not Just Staff That Supports Denver Open Media

Our creative space wouldn't be the same without our beloved and talented interns. Check them out and be sure to thank them for the next time you're in our studios!


Questions? Contact Us

               or call (720) 222-0159 ext. 203

               or call (720) 222-0159 ext. 204