Denver Open Media

Denver Open Media is a unique, user-driven Radio station on 92.9FM/89.3 HD3 KUVO,

Our Radio shedule is divided into categories or theme blocks which range from "Educational&STEM" to "HipHop/Rap" or "Poetry, Comedy and Avant-Garde".

We are a collaborative effort between Denver Open Media and the Denhac hackerspace. Our programming is 100% Denver local. That means the bands, live concerts, podcasters, news reports, talk radio, and spoken word performances that you hear on 89.3 HD3/92.9FM were all created by local Denver producers. 

Unlike other stations however, community producers and viewers help determine the programming schedule. Every show or piece of music submitted is guaranteed to air once, and our system increasingly allows producers to determine the timing of that initial broadcast (well, cablecast actually). Additionally, viewers vote or rate the shows via the website. These votes drive a smart scheduling algorithm that translates the votes, together with other community-determined factors, into a broadcast schedule. Thus, we have zero staff devoted to scheduling the Radio station. Over 250 community producers are leveraged into a self-managed marketing/PR street-team, telling their friends and family to log-in and vote. For information about DOM Radio, click here.


Equipment Rentals:

Denver Open Media also provides equipment rentals at commercial and non-commercial rates:

  • Commercial rentals: Our commercial rentals are offered at competitive market rates, and are an option for renters who are looking to use equipment for commercial purposes (ex: paying crew, generating revenue, etc.).  To view our commercial rental policies, please click here.  For information how to book a commercial rentals or any current packages, please click here.
  • Non-commercial/member rentals: We offer affordable equipment memberships to producers who submit non-commercial content.  Please find more information about that here