Design Services

We provide design services in the areas of identity, print and web graphics. Good graphic design is essential to the success of nonprofits and brand identity does the work for you.  By creating a positive experience for your donors, patrons and community through branding, you build trust.  When this trust is established, they spread the word about your organization for you.

With small staffs and limited budgets it can be difficult to realize branding strategies, even though it is essential for success. Our mission is to provide the best services at prices any nonprofit can afford.  With a 50% matching grant program for all nonprofits, we provide the same services as any commercial ad agency at half the market rate.  

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand that your mission is your priority and the way you reach your community is of utmost importance.  Our team works closely with each organization to craft logos and designs that communicate your message with integrity, clarity and artistry.  

Request a free quote here and let us help you connect with your community!

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