Video Production
Video Production

The Open Media Foundation produces videos that are expertly crafted to transform the reach and impact of your organization. As an integrated media agency specializing in nonprofit and public sector clients, we ensure that you connect with your unique audience through stories that resonate. With OMF's 50% matching grant, our clients don't have to compromise on quality. 

We are here to:

  • Produce High Definition videos that help you train, motivate, raise funds and increase awareness
  • Optimize your videos for maximum impact through social media, strategic web placement, and local TV
  • Expand your voice by reaching new audiences and inspiring them to support your mission



Michael Huemer discusses the irrationality of US Government at TEDx Mile High Salon 2012.

A promo video for the Colorado United Irish Societies, featuring their annual Colorado Irish Festival.

A short video produced by Open Media Foundation for Denver Kids' annual fundraising campaign for 2010.

This is a short video produced by Open Media Foundation for Family Stars' 2010 fundraising breakfast

The 2009 Fundraising Video for Denver Kids, Inc. (DKI), a unique organization that has been serving students in the Denver Public Schools since 1946. The mission of Denver Kids, Inc.

A short video produced for Evergreen Montessori's annual fundraising campaign for 2010. This year's theme was "Give to Thrive".

The Consortium is a non-profit organization providing assistance to school districts with the Medicaid School Health Services program. We strengthen health services and maximize resources available to students throughout Colorado.

A video that accompanied the first comprehensive exhibition of Xu Beihong's art in the United States at the Denver Art Museum.

This video spotlights the work of Denver Human Services and the issue of Native American and Alaskan Native children in the foster system finding culturally fulfilling homes.  

A public service announcement giving young parents information on how they can get assistance. Shot, edited and produced in collaboration with Parent-UP, Denver Department of Human Services, and the Open Media Foundation.

Craftworks is the parent company for local restaurants and breweries here in Colorado. Their HOPE program gives financial assistance to their employees in times of crisis - this video provides some first-hand accounts of how this program has helped them.

This video was a part of The Seniors' Resource Center's Summer 2009 breakfast event.  Partial soundtrack by bexar bexar,

This is a short video produced by Open Media Foundation for Family Stars' 2009 fundraising breakfast.